Sketch Comedy

Call-Sign Vesper

Call-Sign Vesper is the sketch comedy team Travis leads based out of Los Angeles, CA. From Sunday morning worship settings to camps, conferences and staff-volunteer appreciation banquets, Travis’s group performs all across the country, year-round.
A typical show runs right around an hour, feels like clean SNL-style sketch comedy with improv and some fun crowd interaction. However, they also tour annually with seasonal theme-based shows (Christmas, Valentines).
Cost quotes vary based upon travel proximity and number of performances requested.

Brian Jones

In the foreground is Brian Jones, a native of Clanton, AL and avid outdoorsman. Brian is thinking that instead of traveling the world with Travis trying to make people laugh, he’d rather be in a treestand waiting for a 12-point. Travis is in the background resenting Brian for this thought.

Shannon Peterson

This is Shannon. She is a diva. She won’t take the stage without a pre-performance frappaccino and Travis has to force her to remove her sunglasses. She lives in Sugar Land, Texas and in spite of her Beyonce-like needs is a genuine pleasure.

Sarah Gabel Burdette

Sarah Gabel hails from Birmingham, AL, and might be one of the most die-hard University of Alabama football fans you’ll ever meet. Seriously. Don’t let that smile decieve you. She will cut a fool.

Emma Warren

Originally from Tuscaloosa, AL, Emma can sing really well. Like, if Stevie Nix was in a coffee shop and got up to sing, and three hipster angels descended to sing background for her… Emma sounds like that.

Travis Crim

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